Finding Your Wings
A Creativity Workshop
Participants are guided through a series of interactive exercises designed to uncover core creative gifts by identifying strengths in both the right and the left brain. 
Patricia’s experience as an art instructor, artist, and executive coach combine to help participants delve deeply into their primary drivers and life-long passions.  Begin a journey of creative self-expression.

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Are you a creative at heart?
Have you struggled to find your unique style?
Discover your creative "wings" and watch your creativity soar!

C​reative Journaling
Generating Visual ideas
Patricia's hands-on workshop uses a combination of words, sounds, and images as prompts to explore creative ideas.  Learn how you can use your dreams, stream of consciousness, and everyday ephemera to create a personal creative diary. 
Workshop includes an introduction to basic tools and techniques needed to build a range of creative journals; Travel Diary, Art Journal, Journal of Meditations, Repurposed and Handmade Journals.

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Journaling to uncover new ideas and explore hidden connections.